Author Ann Gadd

Finding your way home

Imagine white light as the pure wholeness of your being. But, let’s say, at some point, this light goes through a prism. The prism symbolises both life’s experiences and karma. (What you’ve come to learn, plus your life’s experience.) The white light splits into various colours, one of which could be said to represent your

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The Gifts of the Nine Enneagram Paths

All types are essentially all parts of each other. Everyone then needs to feel grounded, authentic, courageous matter what path you have chosen. We are then all trying to get to these gifts of our soul – our virtues, but have misguided ways of getting there. The Enneagram brings awareness to these adaptive strategies or patterns, so we can find the true way home. One of the original reasons for the arising of this work was to understand why a person forgets consciousness. This enables us to understand the troubled areas (fixations) in a compassionate and objective way and bring them to meet the gift or virtue, so we can transform.

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