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Affirmations for growth can be helpful reminders of staying conscious of our path. Remember, it’s important to say affirmations in the present tense. The reason for this is simple: the subconscious mind is ever present – it does not work in pasts and futures. It is also very literal i.e. what you say is what you get so saying: “I want to live in abundance,” will be understood as “I will spend my life wanting (future) to live in abundance, (but will never actually get there). “I live in abundance,” creates an abundance in the now, rather than at some later date. I know it seems odd when you’re sitting there wondering how to pay the rent, whilst eying the last Salticrax, but the subconscious is literal and manifests accordingly.

There are an endless number of affirmations possible for each type. These are merely my suggestions. Read through the affirmations and use the ones that cause an emotional reaction in you or which you feel are relevant to you and create your own as well. In most instances I have used the positive side of the affirmation, i.e.” I enjoy being fully present in my body, and allowing myself to feel fully” as opposed to “I no longer disown my body and feelings.” Play with each way and see what is most powerful for you.


The One type may affirm things like:

  1. I am free from the need to criticise my own actions and the actions of others.
  2. I see the world as a place of perfection, just as it is.
  3. I release the need to find fault in that which I cannot change.
  4. I accept that many truths lead to the universal truth.
  5. I no longer need to feel resentment and frustration.
  6. I accept that there are other truths – other ways of being.
  7. I free myself from the need to be right.
  8. I am wise and serene.
  9. I no longer feel threatened if others ways and beliefs are not the same as mine.
  10. It’s ok to make mistakes – that’s how I learn.
  11. I am truly impartial.

The Two type may affirm things like:

  1. I no longer feel the need to earn love.
  2. I release the anger I have been holding towards others who have not reciprocated my love or kind deeds.
  3. I release the need to feel victimised by the actions of others.
  4. I pay attention to my own needs.
  5. I am loved and appreciated by all.
  6. I release the need to manipulate others to satisfy my needs.
  7. I no longer expect others to reciprocate – I give freely and unconditionally.
  8. I release the need for all illness and ailments.
  9. I am free of doing things for others to feel needed.
  10. I take time for myself and my own personal growth.
  11. I love unconditionally.

The Three type may affirm things like:

  1. I let go of the need to accomplish things to feel valuable.
  2. I no longer feel the need to seek the approval of others.
  3. I release the need to compete with others.
  4. I feel fully alive and fulfilled.
  5. I have much to offer the world and those with whom I am in relationship with.
  6. I am free of the fear of failure.
  7. I am always authentic and truthful to myself and others.
  8. I am worthwhile and worthy regardless of what I do or don’t achieve.
  9. I lose the craving for others’ admiration.
  10. I embrace life with an open heart.
  11. I let go of the need to work myself to a standstill to outshine everyone else.

The Four type may affirm things like:

  1. I let go of the belief that I am in some way flawed. I see myself as desirable, intuitive and whole.
  2. I have personal significance and others understand me.
  3. I no longer sabotage myself but rather create a beautiful reality.
  4. I let go of feelings of despair and rage.
  5. I move from fantasy to fully engaging in reality.
  6. I no longer feel the need to envy others, rather I acknowledge my achievements.
  7. I let go of the need to be moody and move to having a balanced temperament.
  8. I release unrealistic expectations of myself and others.
  9. I am not my emotions.
  10. I no longer feel the need to be special or treated differently from others.
  11. I engage with, rather than withdraw from others.

The Five type may affirm things like:

  1. I engage fully with the world.
  2. I am confident and competent.
  3. I believe in abundance of all things.
  4. I welcome others’ ideas and concepts.
  5. I take my insights and share them with others.
  6. I no longer feel the need to be cynical of the beliefs of others.
  7. I savour living in the world.
  8. I employ my sense of humour to uplift others.
  9. I take good care of my body and my health.
  10. I feel calm and centred.
  11. I learn to dance in life by joining in, rather than by observing.

The Six type may affirm things like:

  1. I engage with my deep inner knowing so that I no longer need to rely on others for guidance.
  2. I feel deeply connected to inner security and peace.
  3. I am playful and engaging.
  4. I allow my instinctual nature to emerge.
  5. I live in the present and release all fear of the future.
  6. I am sure of myself.
  7. I am fully capable of functioning and supporting myself.
  8. I trust the world, others, myself and God to meet all my needs.
  9. Rather than complain, I engage with courage to take action.
  10. I am secure within myself.
  11. I am accepting rather than defensive.

The Seven type may affirm things like:

  1. I don’t require objects, people or experiences to feel fulfilled.
  2. I savour and am profoundly grateful for each moment of my life.
  3. I have deep appreciation for all that is.
  4. I am focused and complete projects.
  5. I am happy to simply be rather than feel the need to do.
  6. I let go of being demanding and impatient with others.
  7. I breathe deeply, am calm and feel relaxed.
  8. I let go of the need to have every moment of life exciting.
  9. I let go of overextending myself.
  10. I lose the fear of missing out.
  11. I fully believe that there will always be enough of whatever I need.

The Eight type may affirm things like:

  1. I release the need to always feel I need to be in control of the environment.
  2. I embrace my warm-hearted nature.
  3. I use my power to assist others.
  4. I open up to my feelings of vulnerability and tenderness.
  5. I accept an authority greater than my own.
  6. I accept that just because someone does not agree with me they are not against me.
  7. I allow myself to be afraid and experience gentleness.
  8. I champion the rights of others not to be bullied.
  9. I look after all those in need.
  10. I forgive easily.
  11. I am the master of my destiny based on the choices I have made.

The Nine type may affirm things like:

  1. My participation in the world is important and significant.
  2. I take a stand on things and voice my opinion.
  3. I act rather than procrastinate.
  4. I respect my body and take good care of it.
  5. I respect my integrity and that of others.
  6. I affirm that I am dependable.
  7. I am a powerful healing and mediating force in the world.
  8. I am strong, confident and independent.
  9. I let go of the need to go along with others simply to maintain the peace.
  10. I am focused and attentive at all times.
  11. I no longer merge with others, but have my own unique identity.

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