How your Enneagram Type Influences Your Sex Life

Author of Sex and the Enneagrams, Ann Gadd looks at how we can improve our loves lives through understanding ourselves on a more intimate level.


What the Enneagram reveals about our sexuality

Only the essential survival needs of shelter, food and water, create such desire in the human experience. Sex encompasses every aspect of universal paradox: – pleasure / pain, love / hate, gentle / brutal, spiritual transcendence / primal urge, unconditional giving / self-gratifying, playful fun / serious offence, … the list is endless.


Late nights Book Club with Sara-Jayne King on Cape Talk

Listen to Ann Gadd being interviewed by Cape Talk about her book, The Enneagram of Eating: How the 9 Personality Types Influence Your Food, Diet, and Exercise Choices.      


Cape Talk Interview: Fabulous Life: Artist travels coast to capture beauty and perks of SA’s beaches

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Finding your way home

Imagine white light as the pure wholeness of your being. But, let’s say, at some point, this light goes through a prism. The prism symbolises both life’s experiences and karma. (What you’ve come to learn, plus your life’s experience.) The white light splits into various colours, one of which could be said to represent your


Ann Gadd on Enneagrams Interviewed on SAFM

Interview on the 8 October with Salome van Coller-Peter and Ann Gadd. Interview with Ann Starts at 26:00.


Enneagram Parenting Styles

  Most of us parents try to be the very best parents we can be given the tools we have. There are different ways to parent and some may work better for some children than others. There is no one type that makes the perfect parent. But, the more emotionally healthy we are, no matter


The Enneagrams – Are you missing the point?

If you believe the Enneagrams are simply another form of personality profiling, you’ve missed the point. There is a perception that the Enneagrams are simply another personality profiling system, like Meyers Briggs for example.


Enneagram Type Affirmations for Growth

Affirmations can be helpful reminders of staying conscious of our path. Remember, it’s important to say affirmations in the present tense. The reason for this is simple: the subconscious mind is ever present – it does not work in pasts and futures.


The Gifts of the Nine Enneagram Paths

All types are essentially all parts of each other. Everyone then needs to feel grounded, authentic, courageous matter what path you have chosen. We are then all trying to get to these gifts of our soul – our virtues, but have misguided ways of getting there. The Enneagram brings awareness to these adaptive strategies or patterns, so we can find the true way home. One of the original reasons for the arising of this work was to understand why a person forgets consciousness. This enables us to understand the troubled areas (fixations) in a compassionate and objective way and bring them to meet the gift or virtue, so we can transform.


Getting out of the box

How the enneagram reveals your ‘box’ as opposed to puts you in one.


If life gives you lemons… (Through the Enneagram types)

If life gives you lemons… (Through the Enneagram types.)


Creative Kids – The link between Boredom and Creativity

It’s as if the word ‘bored’ is intended to manipulate our attention instantly. But is boredom a bad thing? My feeling is that creativity, rather than be stifled by boredom, needs boredom or a void, if it’s to emerge.


The Six No’s for Toddler Discipline

You’ve finally managed to have a full nights sleep, nappies are on their way out and life is beginning to look up. Then you are confronted with a screaming demon in a small (and adorable) toddler’s body.


Self Expression

Initially, when you paint there is a perceived division between what you paint and who you are. The more you enter into the process the more you realise that we are the canvas and, as such, are both the creator and the creation.


Teeth Grinding

Biting is a primal form of fighting – just observe small children who happily bite others when they are not getting their way. For animals biting is the prime form of attack or defense.


Habits: Hankerings, hindrances, hassles and hang-ups?

Habits reduce stress, which is why we do them. Even the habits that are harmful to us, such as hair-pulling, smoking or gambling, bring with them instant relief, yet long-term guilt. This causes us greater stress, which we relieve by repeating our habit, and so the circle is perpetuated.


Your little Pet

“Mummy can I have a puppy (goldfish/kitten/snake/hamster)?”
If you haven’t had that request yet, at some stage in your child’s life you undoubtedly will. Children love pets especially when the pets are small, cuddly and cute.


Making your Art Work

‘Art’ and ‘income’ are not words that tend to sit comfortably in the same sentence, ditto with ‘passion’ and ‘profit’. So just how possible is it to live as an artist? To use a phrase from a book by Stephen Walsh, to succeed, you need the “art and the engine.”


Recreate Yourself!

Learning to work with change creatively, is an excellent way to facilitate personal growth. Art is all about change. You take a canvas and transform it.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, are we the fairest parents of them all?

Your relationship and how it mirrors in your child’s behavior.
Each of us want relationships that are happy, where we can share emotions and intimacy, where we feel completely accepted by our partner for who we are, rather than what they might want us to be and where we can express ourselves authentically, without fear of criticism. The extent to which we achieve this will have a direct impact on our children and their ability to relate to others.


The Enneagram

An Enneagram is symbolically represented by a Nine pointed star (composed of a triangle and hexagram) contained within a circle.


Fairytales and Symbols

Wicked witches, enchanted forests, magic beans and speaking animals:- fairytales are rich in symbols and archetypes. Insight into the meanings of these symbols, allows the reader to understood the tales on a deeper level.


How can singles attract Mr Right? Interview by Lilou Mace

How can singles attract Mr Right? Interview by Lilou Mace


How can singles attract Mr Right? Interview by Lilou Mace

How can singles attract Mr Right? Interview by Ann Gadd


Dream It, Do It

We all long to live by our passion. To run that restaurant in the country, to pursue that desire to sing, to travel the world, write a best-selling novel or follow our artistic passion.


How your Habits can Help You

We may lie, cheat, procrastinate, bite our nails, battle to be punctual, snore, drink too much coffee, smoke or perform a hundred other habits.


Horrors of Hoarding

Whilst you may feel it’s perfectly acceptable to hang onto the size 8’s in your wardrobe, (hoping that inspite of your passion for Twinkie bars and good wine, you’ll shrink from size 14’s to fit them again), it’s another matter storing every magazine you’ve ever read since 1981. (And why is that no sooner than we have thrown something away we need it?)


Lilou Mace Interview

Ann Gadd is an exhibiting artist, writer, facilitator of Create Yourself Artworkshops, Reiki Master, Footologist, transformational counsellor and speaker.


What went wrong with Mr Right? (published in American magazine)

In any relationship there is a constant interaction of energies, and archetypes or opposing types of behaviour that often cause breakdown.


Karma and Conscience

What is karma? Who has it and who doesn’t? We look at the psyche of sociopaths vs. those who have a conscience.


Tots and Tantrums

Are you afraid to set foot in a supermarket with your child? Follow our guidelines for coping with tantrums.


From Terrible to Terrific Twos

I’m not sure which is worse – your little darling sinking their razor sharp fangs into your best friend’s child, or your friend’s child leaving a bite mark on your little poppet.


Super Soles

The day my son was told to keep his shoes on at school when he moved into a higher grade, was a dismal day for him.


The Habit of Sulking

How often do you say, “I’m fine,” when you are not?
How often do you find yourself really angry and resentful?


Preventing Misbehaviour

When it comes to behaviour, most parents want the same result – a happy, well behaved child. Then why is behaviour an area we often struggle with?


Why do I bite my nails?

You’ve bitten your nails for ages. You know it’s unsightly, you’ve
tried every remedy available, but still, when you get stressed you
nibble away.



Many people have admitted to a wide variety of habits, from nail-biting to hair twirling, but only one person has had the courage to say “I lie.”



The idea that our emotional, mental and spiritual state has an affect on our physical health is now widely accepted.


Playing with your Hair

Ever found yourself twirling your hair around your finger? Or noticed a colleague playing with their hair?


Is life a bit of a grind?

Ever woken up and felt your jaw to be sore, had a dull headache or earache that disappears as the day wears on, had facial pain or sensitive teeth?


The Fear Factor

Not me! Well not wolves as such, but I do have other fears that have keep me awake at night, (as most of us do).


Fairytales Come True

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein


Creating a Creative Child

“I’m bored Mum,” my five year old would say after the first ten minutes of being home from Play-School.


Bedwetting Blues

Are you tired of changing sheets or waking up to a warm wet sensation as your toddler snuggles closer to you?