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Better Parenting with the Enneagram: 

A guide to using the Enneagram for harmonious parent-child relationships.

• Examines each of the 9 Enneagram types as parents, including how to utilize your type’s inherent skills to be a better parent.

• Explores each of the 9 types as children and teens, including their positive and more challenging traits, and how you can help your child find emotional health and achieve their full potential.

• Looks at the 81 parent-child type combinations at their best and what happens under pressure.

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Winner of the 2022 Om Awards for Best Consciousness Parenting Book. Watch the awards video here:

Ennea Kids Series: Type One – Percy Perfect

This is a series of nine kids books for the 4-8 year age group. Each book describes one of the Types and shows they journey to becoming healthier (more integrated). As such it sums up both the personality and the purpose for every Type. Not only are the books a great introduction to the 9-Types in an easily understandable way, but the illustrations are fun and designed for children to enjoy while learning. The books give children an understanding of others so that different doesn’t equal wrong. The books have received independent ratings of 4-5 stars and are available as e-books or paperbacks from Amazon.

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Sex and the Enneagram:

Understanding your approach to dating, relationships and sex through the lens of your Enneagram personality type. The book explains the relationship and sexual differences in the nine Enneagram personality types and how as a result of this understanding, we can become more present sexually.

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The Enneagram of Eating:

Firstly, the book shows how your Enneagram type relates to food, exercise, diet, emotional triggers and childhood patterns around eating. As a result, the book also suggests the best methods to inspire weight loss for your Enneagram type. It examines possible addictions, love (or not) for entertaining, and the right exercise method to keep you motivated.

Finally, there’s a fun quiz to help if you’re unsure of your type.

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The Enneagram Kids’ Series

Sheep Books:

Because of the popularity of her sheep art, Ann created a series of sheep books. From fun looks at office jargon, cooking lamb, and fun place names from a sheepish perspective. Most noteworthy is her Ambitious Sheep book which looks at the principal of doing what you say you will by when you say you will.

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