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Imagine white light as the pure wholeness of your being.

But, let’s say, at some point, this light goes through a prism. The prism symbolises both life’s experiences and karma. (What you’ve come to learn, plus your life’s experience.) The white light splits into various colours, one of which could be said to represent your personality. The colour that emerges is only an aspect of the whole white lightness of your being, not who you are.

To the degree that the colour becomes darker and muddier, is the degree to which the distortion is unfolding. The opposite applies for lighter shades of your colour. This colour is a distorted view of yourself and the world just a small, personality-based fragment of your being. (St Paul: “We see but through a glass darkly,” had a great way for expressing this.

So we are seeing the world through our ‘colour’ – rose tinted glasses (or indigo, or green, yellow etc.) Often not realising that whilst our specs are rose tinted, another person’s may have a green yellow or any other colour hue.

Staying fixated in our type/colour and to compensate for this false belief that this is all we are, we create a counter belief. Take a wise old Type One, pure, impeccable, impartial. Until the thought emerges: “maybe I’m a tad corrupt. Wow, that’s a scary thought.” So we immediately create the counter thought of: “maybe others are corrupt.” This feels a bit less scary. So our judgement then starts to rule us, born of the original fear of imperfection within ourselves. Hence the One Type as a perfectionist and desiring to be beyond reproach, while resenting the outer world for being flawed.

Each type has its own fixation and attempts to compensate with certain behaviours. Once we can see the game we are playing, we can choose to let go of the need for this behaviour. This consciousness creates enlightenment and the path home.

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