ann gadd in studio


I’m Ann Gadd, artist, author, workshop presenter, and photo-journalist.

“Our lives are our greatest creation. They are the blank canvas. How we live, what we create with what we have been given, is the art.”

Ann Gadd

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein.

A guide to using the Enneagram for harmonious parent-child relationships

• Examines the 9 Enneagram types as parents, including their gifts and their struggles
• Explores each of the 9 types as children and teens, including their positive and more challenging traits, and how you can help your child find emotional health and achieve their full potential

• Looks at each of the 81 parent-child type combinations showing the best and what happens under pressure

Explore the book here:

“Why do I paint? Creativity has flowed through my veins from childhood. I was constantly creating. Automatic juice machines, novel (actually really weird), outfits for my dolls,  exotic tree-houses… But art is fickle because at school in my final year I failed my art exam with one teacher. In contrast, I past with distinction with another. This showed me that art is personal, and as a result, not to be taken too personally when likes or dislikes occur. It was a great liberating lesson to paint what inspires, rather than tires you. Actually its a great way to live your life.”

Ann Gadd artist and author