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If you believe the Enneagrams are simply another form of personality profiling, you’ve missed the point.

There is a perception that the Enneagrams are simply another personality profiling system, like Meyers Briggs for example.

It’s a bit like saying that astrology is all about the horoscope on the back page of your local rag, which anyone who has the vaguest knowledge of the subject would know not to be true.

Russ Hudson put it very well when he said that to say the Enneagram is all about personality is to say the ocean is just about the waves.

Sure you can use it to personality profile yourself and others, but simply to use it for this or to believe that this is the purpose of its development, is to miss the point.

The reason most of us are not present most of the time/integrated/awakened or any other term you choose to use that denotes we are not experiencing being one with all that is/God is because we have bought into the idea that we are flawed in some way, resulting in this feeling of separateness.

[su_nt_quote]In understanding this wounding through the Enneagrams we are offered a unique opportunity to find our way home to w(holy)ness.[/su_nt_quote]

When I was younger I admit to being a workshop junkie. Whatever promised insight and wisdom, I was there, notebook in hand. Some of these paths I explored in greater depth and most rewarded me with rich insight and experience. However, for me personally this Enneagram path has opened up the greatest door to healing my psyche/soul. I have a road map and I can no longer kid myself when I stray or fall back on the path to realisation, that I am not doing so. As we become more conscious of who we are we become awakened and transformed, until we reach transcendence. The Enneagrams are, as Russ Hudson says, “a path to presence.”

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