About Ann Gadd

about ann gaddAnn Gadd has been a writer and artist since the day she learnt to scrawl her first words in crayon across her bedroom wall. (An event her parents found to be less auspicious.) In 1997 she won the award for best acrylic artist at the South African Society of Artists annual event, which introduced her to galleries and convinced her to move out of the corporate world and pursue her artistic as well as writing career.


Ann’s first published book was released in 1988. The second book appeared in 2003. Ann has since authored / illustrated a total of 32 books, (with 18 translations in a variety of languages). Her subjects include the Enneagrams, self-help, art, travel, place names, esoteric books and her quirky sheep books. Her book Better Parenting with the Enneagram won the Om Media award for best consciousness parenting book 2023.

about ann gadd holding some of her books


Ann is also a prolific and accomplished artist. To date she has sales in excess of 5 500 paintings, both locally and abroad. In her 25+ year career she has exhibited numerous times both locally and abroad. Most notably at the Florence Biennale, Belfast, New Zealand, England (Brick Lane Gallery, London and Art @ Five, Brighton) as well as numerous galleries in South Africa such as The Cape Gallery, Blou Donki Gallery, Robertson Art Gallery and Benguela Cove Gallery. Her first solo exhibition was at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town. Her main series of works are:


Giant kingfisher in flight

Photographer and Photo-journalist

Over the past 35 years Ann has written for various magazines. Initially as a correspondent for the Argus in the sport section covering boardsailing and yachting. Later she transitioned to self-growth publications (Renaissance, Odyssey, Natural Health) and parenting (Living and Loving. Currently, she mostly covers health issues and photo/travel writing. (Being in the African bush is a passion.) “It’s in the vast plains of Etosha, The red dunes of the Kgalagadi and the vast flowing rivers of Africa with their abundant display of wild animals and bird life that I feel the most alive.”

See her photographs here. 

See her wildlife articles and paintings here.

Workshop Facilitator

Ann has presented numerous workshops to corporates and individuals during the past 30 years, all with the intention of bringing greater self-awareness to participants.

Topics include:

  • The Enneagram
  • Relationships
  • Team-building using the Enneagram
  • Leadership Styles
  • Using art for greater self-awareness
  • Art workshops for team-building
  • Various alternative healing methodologies

About Ann Gadd in General

Ann has had numerous articles written about her work and has appeared on many talk shows and TV. (Although her most enjoyable claim to fame, was to be the guest ‘Agony Aunt’ for a popular UK woman’s magazine!)

Ann lives in Cape Town with her artist husband, a wildly enthusiastic retriever and two over-indulged, rather grumpy cats.


  • Ann is a qualified Integrative9 Enneagram Coach
  • Author and in some cases illustrator of 32 books with 18 language translations.
  • Author of five published books on the Enneagram as well as a ten-book children’s series on the Enneagram. Awarded the Om Media award for best Parenting book in 2023.
  • Student of the Enneagram for over 15 years with various teachers.
  • Author of nine “self-help” books
  • Exhibits her art at numerous galleries locally and abroad.
  • Workshop facilitator on Enneagrams and other subjects for 30 years
  • Worked as an alternative practitioner for 12 years
  • ex Lifeline counselor
  • Photographer and photo-journalist.
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