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If life gives you lemons…
(Through the Enneagram types.)

Type 1
Find the right recipe that combines healthy ingredients with taste or use the lemons to go on a ‘Lemon Detox.”

Type 2
Make yummy lemonade and give it out to all the thirsty children in the world.

Type 3
Add some extra Vitamin C, give it a catchy name and market it as health drink.

Type 4
Has anyone ever thought about the pain of separation from the tree that the lemons feel?

Type 5
Best research the juice to find its exact properties…

Type 6
I’ll make lemonade… maybe lemon curd. Let me phone a friend and see what they think.

Type 7
Lets take those lemons, add a dash of vodka, maybe a hint of mint and voila! A new cocktail to start the party!

Type 8
“Get one of the staff to make some lemonade.”

Type 9
Hmmm… Lemonade would be nice… and I’ll make it if that’s what everyone wants, but maybe less hassle just to have water.

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