Making Your Art Work by Ann Gadd

  • Category: Art / Motivation
  • Publisher: Create Yourself Publications
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-4897-20
  • Description: Dream of earning a living as an artist? Want your hobby to become financially viable? Long to be your own boss? Want to be inspired, rather than tired? The desire to opt out of mainstream living and pursue your passion is common to most people. Anthony and Ann Gadd have done just that. In a society where art and income don’t usually appear in the same sentence, this was a tough challenge, given the responsibilities of a family, school fees, a bond etc. On the road to reaching their dream and becoming successful artists, they have learnt much about the art world; from the practicalities of keeping painting trackers, consigning work and deciding on what to charge to the more psychological aspects of dealing with creative blocks and rejection. The book covers all aspects of making art your business, and delves into an array of art related issues such as: The Internet and how to use it effectively as a promotional and sales tool, Art scams to watch out for, Different types of galleries, Engaging with galleries, Finding a style that works for you, Copyrighting your work, Marketing your work And much more to inspire the reader. The book is written with humorous anecdotes and insights and is the first of its kind to be written by an artist in South Africa. It is targeted at people who want to create a living from their hobby, as well as students wishing to make a career of art.
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