How to make an Income from your Art by Ann Gadd

  • Category: Art / Motivation
  • Publisher: How To Books Ltd
  • ISBN-10: 1845284941
  • Description: This book is for those who dream of earning a living as an artist, or who want their art, craft or hobby to make a financial contribution. Author Ann Gadd opted out of a corporate career and began to make a good living as an artist in less than 12 months. Based on her own considerable experience, as well as those of other successful artists, her book covers all the practical - and psychological - aspects of turning your art or your craft into profit, and shows how you can do it too. CONTENTS Included is advice on: * Overcoming creative blocks * Dealing with rejection * Turning failure into success * Creating a business plan * Marketing and selling your work * Engaging with the galleries * Creating an internet presence * Valuing your work and dealing with commissions. Ann also covers relevant copyright and other legal aspects and includes amusing anecdotes and contributions from galleries, to inspire and encourage others to make their passion their profession.



“Ann Gadd is the author of 16 books and a successful artist who is well-known for her humorous sheep paintings.

Success is based on the combination of Passion + Profit + Art. Ann encouraged us to think differently about being an artist, in that, fulfilling your passion seldom produces a profit; and many artists believe that you should focus on your passion and not on making money. However, the reality is that most of us have to make a living. ”

– Jen Thom via Constantiaberg Art Society
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