About Art Workshops

Many people claim they have problems visualizing which leaves them at a disadvantage for creative visualization, guided meditation etc. By creating art, even if you consider yourself to be the world’s worst artist, you can stimulate your visual thinking process.

The purpose is not to create something to hang on your wall, but to use visual art as a tool to tap your unconscious, stimulate visual thinking and perhaps have some fun at the same time.

Anodea Judithfrom Eastern Body Western Mind (Abridged)

Have you ever wanted to explore yourself and your creativity, but never had the time, space or confidence to do so?

Do you feel tense and stressed and are unsure how to deal with it?

Do you wish to break out of painting in the same style?

Do you experience blocks when it comes to creating?

Are you keen to understand more about yourself?

Have you wanted to paint, but felt you lacked the ability?

In these transformational art workshops, we work with stress reduction, expanding and unblocking creativity, as well as using art as a tool to reach a deeper level of self-awareness.

Group and team interaction is examined, as well as our ability to work with as opposed to resist change.

We also examine our approach to creating and the symbolic mirror behind what we create (six hour workshop.) Being aware of this gives our artistic expression greater depth and meaning.

Emphasis is on enjoying the journey of creating and not on the result. The course is suitable for those who have never painted.


(Names have been omitted to protect the privacy of those participants. However should you wish to contact some of them, with their permission, it can be arranged.)

”My experience at the Ann Gadd Meerendal Art Workshop has forever shifted the way I think about art and the way I run my business. I am beyond grateful for Ann’s kindness and wisdom. She gives herself wholeheartedly and teaches with such grace and passion. Ann is an incredible teacher. She leads by example and encourages others to find their own special passion. I came home with a new vision for my art, tools to bring that vision to life and a new found strength to dream big. The Workshop has impacted my life, my art and my family in the most wonderful ways. I am forever changed and so thankful I had the chance to attend Anne’s workshop.” – Nataly Nell

“Thank-you for an amazing day yesterday. I was exhausted last night, so I knew that I did a lot of processing yesterday. My husband thinks my still life in colour is so good he wants to frame it!! “

- Business woman who had never painted before.

“Have enthused about our day with you to all and sundry! You provided a wonderfully creative environment and my friend and I are determined to extend ourselves, thanks to you!”

- Established artist/illustrator who wanted to explore her art further.

“I do not usually pass on information about a workshop and tell you how I felt about it – for it induces expectations but this workshop I found so worthwhile that I will run the risk of inducing expectations. My husband and I attended this workshop last week and we both found it to rate amongst the best workshops we have ever attended. Ann runs her workshop incredibly well it is not about art (although you may play a bit with tools that are generally associated with art) we both found it to be about experiencing yourself, and how you react and play. Personally I found it to be incredible and if you are afraid of the word art – do not be – simply believe me – I cannot tell you more without removing the pleasure of discovering this workshop for yourself.
I would like to add though that Ann’s workshop could well be termed a venture into prosperity … for there is no lack felt while you are there and she has an incredible way of holding a group and maintaining a sense of fun and child-like pleasure (the sticky cookies assist in that regard too).”

- Reflexologist and her engineering / healer husband.

I did not feel tired after the workshop, just inspired!

- Full-time artist

“It was the first time I have ever painted anything and I found it quite an incredible experience Since having gone on your workshop I feel I have undergone a transformation. Thank you for this great opportunity.”

- Writer

“Thank you so much for the Art workshop on Saturday. I got so much out of it, and can’t stop raving about it! “

- PR Manager

“I never believed I could paint and I am so pleased with my painting and the whole experience.”

- HR Manager who had never painted before

“I so enjoyed just painting freely and was surprised at how well I could paint”.

- Social Worker

“I was amazed at how much each individual was able to discover about themselves through this process. I feel inspired to continue exploring my creativity.”

- Psychologist

“It was a wonderful day. I had always thought my sister was the only creative person in the family.”

- Journalist

“That was an amazing experience. My friends say I even look different after it! And I had never painted before”

- Nursing sister

“The final consensus was that it had been a most worthwhile experience and that at the end of it we were quite pleased with what we had managed to produce. We definitely do have some talented artists amongst our staff members and some of them didn’t even realize it.”

- Teachers of Elkanah School

“The whole department enjoyed the experience immensely and we learnt much about each other and ourselves and the department dynamics.”

- Co-ordinator of a corporate group

Thank you for a most uplifting, freeing, empowering day!

- Artist

“The workshop was really great, the music superb, all the delicious eats and drinks u brought us, a lovely group of people and most of all your generous, nurturing, relaxed and encouraging guidance.”

- Homemaker