[su_nt_quote name=”Anodea Judith” meta=”from Eastern Body Western Mind (Abridged)”]Many people claim they have problems visualizing which leaves them at a disadvantage for creative visualization, guided meditation etc. By creating art, even if you consider yourself to be the world’s worst artist, you can stimulate your visual thinking process.

The purpose is not to create something to hang on your wall, but to use visual art as a tool to tap your unconscious, stimulate visual thinking and perhaps have some fun at the same time.[/su_nt_quote]

Have you ever wanted to explore yourself and your creativity, but never had the time, space or confidence to do so?

Do you feel tense and stressed and are unsure how to deal with it?

Do you wish to break out of painting in the same style?

Do you experience blocks when it comes to creating?

Are you keen to understand more about yourself?

Have you wanted to paint, but felt you lacked the ability?

In these transformational art workshops, we work with stress reduction, expanding and unblocking creativity, as well as using art as a tool to reach a deeper level of self-awareness.

Group and team interaction is examined, as well as our ability to work with as opposed to resist change.

We also examine our approach to creating and the symbolic mirror behind what we create (six hour workshop.) Being aware of this gives our artistic expression greater depth and meaning.

Emphasis is on enjoying the journey of creating and not on the result. The course is suitable for those who have never painted.