Ewe in the Office

  • Category: Sheep
  • SKU: 9781770267091
  • Publisher: Map Studio
  • Description: Ann Gadd’s new book, Ewe in the Office, is a humorous look at business terms and language in the working environment. This is a beautiful A5-sized gift book features 97 artworks by Ann Gadd, who is renowned for her fun and quirky sheep illustrations. In this book, she employs her ewenique humour to focus on matters in the world of business.



This is a delightful book of visual humour for the office environment. While reading through it (a remarkably quick read), I found myself wanting to share it with our accountant, with the director of the company and with colleagues. It is very clever and equally charming (clever and charming don’t always go together).

It pokes gentle fun at many of the catch phrases we use and one cannot help but smile while reading it. One of my favourites is her illustration for “levelling the playing fields”.

Moirads via Arts Comments
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