A-Z Place Names of South Africa by Ann Gadd

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  • SKU: 9781770267114
  • Publisher: Map Studios
  • Description: This book contains alphabetically listed names of South African cities and towns, as well as most villages and certain settlements and townships where information was available.



More than 900 places are included in what is an informative and educational look at place names, including the year they were established, origins, previous names and alternative names. Also included are interesting historical facts and reasons to visit, as well as contact details (website or phone number).

The book is a wonderful journey through South Africa. Ann Gadd particularly enjoyed researching the smaller villages and places. There is a wide variety of attractions across the places, covering sporting interests, places to eat, historical interest, scenic spots, the longest, the tallest, the coldest and much more. Ann connected with local inhabitants or officials to get their take on the naming of their town or historical interests. All this wonderful (and sometimes whacky) information is condensed to give you a book that sums up the very core of each place.

Information includes:
– Province
– Year established
– Year of municipal / borough status
– Origin of town name
– Previous name
– Preferred name
– Alternative name
– Town theme (type of industry)
– Historic facts (important events or interesting feature of the town)
– Contact details (website or phone)


“Meticulously and interestingly researched and assembled by Ann Gadd, author of 15 books and a popular SA artist, this book is a must for anybody who is infected by a permanent urge to see what is beyond the horizon and to explore the rich heritage and history of his colourful country.”

– Henrie Geyser

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“The fascinating, informative A-Z Place Names of South Africa by Ann Gadd (Map Studio) is the perfect companion for all your travels in South Africa. It provides you with the origins of local place names, their history and their attractions.”

– Kate Turkington

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Afrikaans Translation - A-Z Plekname van Suid Afrika, Ann Gadd

“Min van ons dink ooit aan dorpe of stede se name. Ons ken maar net die name, maar weet jy waarom plekke die name het en weet jy waar kom die name vandaan? In hierdie oulike reisgids word 900 plekname in Suid-Afrika alfabeties gelys sodat jy maklik kan naslaan hoe die plek sy naam gekry het. Dikwels is plekke na bekende mense van hul tyd vernoem. Soms het iets in die landskap aanleiding gegee tot ’n naam, soos Bray. Die oorsprong is die Skotse woord ‘brae’ wat koppie beteken. Die skrywer verskaf ook by meeste plekke ’n rede waarom dit besoek moet word: ’n besienswaardigheid of ’n ervaring van iets in die omgewing. Van die interessante name wat ek raakgelees het is Vermaaklikheid, Spoegrivier, Pampierstad, Grootdrink en Lekkersing. Dis ’n wonderlike boekie vir ywerige reisigers en almal wat trots Suid-Afrikaans is.” – Phyllis Green

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