The Enneagram: Part 2, The Wings Workshop

Wings (and how to fly!) How the wings flavour each type. A look at counterphobia in all the types and how it manifests.

  • Category: The Enneagram
  • Date: 18th April 2015
  • Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Workshop Description

Once you have gained a familiarity with your type it’s time to become familiar with your ‘wing(s)’.
The wings ‘flavour’ each type differently. A bit like making a basic casserole recipe and then adding either Rosemary or oregano. The basic type/recipe remains the same but the end taste will appear different. Put another way if your type could be related to a colour, let’s say blue, then the wings would see you as a more bluey green or alternatively a more deeper purple blue. Still blue but different tones.
So to with the wings, which in some cases can cause a paradox of expressions. For instance, the cerebral ‘5’ when combined with a ‘4’ wing, finds himself dealing with the deep emotion and melancholy of a ‘4’ sitting with his thinking mind. There are many such paradoxes that occur when we have certain wing type combinations. In this workshop we’ll explore the different wings and their effect on the types, with particular emphasis on these opposing forces and how they affect you.
If time allows we’ll then look at how counterphobia manifests itself through the types. During the workshop (and unlike the introduction), we will also do a number of interactive exercises, so you can experience on a deeper level what it feels like to be each type

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