Books by Ann Gadd
Wine a but and Ewe will feel better
A wry, sideways look at life and the benefits of fine wines. Ann Gadd, one of South Africa's best-loved artists, packs this homage to ewe, wine, and good living with images for every occasion.
Sex and the Enneagram: A Guide to Passionate Relationships for the 9 Personality Types
Understanding your approach to dating, relationships, and sex through the lens of your Enneagram personality type
enneagrams / Relationships
The Enneagram of Eating: How the 9 Personality Types Influence Your Food, Diet, and Exercise Choices
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to adore food, while others find eating simply a need? Why some people just love to work out and others absolutely abhor anything to do with physical exercise? Why some love entertaining, while others would rather spend a quiet evening alone?
Life’s a Beach
Place Names / South Africa / travel
Ewe in the Office
Ann Gadd’s new book, Ewe in the Office, is a humorous look at business terms and language in the working environment. This is a beautiful A5-sized gift book features 97 artworks by Ann Gadd, who is renowned for her fun and quirky sheep illustrations. In this book, she employs her ewenique humour to focus on matters in the world of business.
A-Z Place Names of South Africa by Ann Gadd
This book contains alphabetically listed names of South African cities and towns, as well as most villages and certain settlements and townships where information was available.
Place Names
Things ewe never kn’ewe about South African place names by Ann Gadd
Things ewe never Kn’ewe about South African place names is a humorous look at the place names of South Africa, written and illustrated by Ann Gadd. Origins, mysteries & folklore surrounding the sometimes odd names that appear on the South African landscape.
Place Names / Sheep
Afrikaans / Sheep
Ewe at Work by Ann Gadd
The latest sheep book. Sheep get down to business! Over 90 paintings/illustrations focused on the corporate world, I.T. and business in general. 148x105mm. Full colour throughout. 96 pages over 90 artworks.
How to make an Income from your Art by Ann Gadd
This book is for those who dream of earning a living as an artist, or who want their art, craft or hobby to make a financial contribution.
Art / Motivation
Lamb for Ewe by Ann Gadd
Handwriting the entire book, she combines her quirky humour and favourite food related ‘sheep’ paintings.
Finding Your Feet by Ann Gadd
In Finding your Feet, the reader is taken on a fascinating journey into understanding how our soles reflect our souls.
The Girl who bit her Nails and the Man who was always Late by Ann Gadd
'The Girl who bit her Nails and the Man who was always Late,' offers insights into the reasons behind the way we behave.
Making Your Art Work by Ann Gadd
The desire to opt out of mainstream living and pursue your passion is common to most people. Anthony and Ann Gadd have done just that.
Art / Motivation
What Went Wrong with Mr Right by Ann Gadd
Through examining the opposite archetypal roles we play in relationships, we can get a deeper understanding of the dynamics involved, and can become active in creating the relationship we desire.
The Ambitious Sheep by Ann Gadd
Without integrity at the helm of a company, the company's chance of success is slight and most often short-lived.
Motivation / Sheep
The New Ewe by Ann Gadd
The New Ewe is the second book of Ann Gadd’s ‘sheep’ paintings. Larger in format than the first book and containing 80 paintings, plus illustrations and photographs this popular artist’s latest contribution is sure to make you laugh!
Climbing the Beanstalk by Ann Gadd
Most of us know Fairytales such as Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella, yet few of us realize the in-depth insight and spiritual guidance these stories contain.
The A-Z Guide to Common Habits: Overcoming Them Through Affirmations by Ann Gadd
The Root Causes of Habitual Behaviours and Affirmations to Transform Them Over 300 different habits listed, from the common to the obscure, with insights into to why you do what you do and affirmations aimed at restoring balance. A quick and easily accessible book for the laymen and alternative practitioners.
Life with Ewe by Ann Gadd
Healing Habits by Ann Gadd
If we can understand what drives us to habits and patterns of behaviour, we can start to heal and become whole.
Boardsailing – A South African Begginers Guide
More than 70 sketches and full colour photographs demonstrate the basics of the exciting sport of boardsailing in a way so easy to follow you can be up and sailing before the weekend is out.
The Christmas Book
Fun illustrations by Ann Gadd about the joys of Christmas.
General Humour